Chile’s Quake Recovery: Back To Normal Or A Long Way To Go?

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16 Jan 2011
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21 Mar 2011

A year after her house in the town of Licanten came crashing down around her in the middle of the night, Erica Poblete's memories of the massive earthquake that struck Chile on 27 February are still vivid.

"I remember the cries and the shouts of people trapped in the rubble," she says, sitting in the wooden shelter that has been her home for nearly 12 months.

"The days that followed were terrible. We spent six weeks virtually living on the streets. We had one small tent between three of us. We slept in shelters made out of bed sheets. We used old paint pots as toilets. Until we finally came here."

"Here" is Villa Solidaridad, a makeshift camp housing 26 families who lost their houses in the quake.