Ecuador’s exporters caught between US and China after debt deal

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01 Mar 2021
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Washington had agreed to help Quito pay Beijing to keep Chinese companies out of 5G telecoms network

Gideon Long in Guayaquil, Ecuador and Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington

Exporters in Ecuador are worried that their all-important trade with China will suffer as a result of a controversial agreement the US says is aimed at shutting China out of the South American country’s 5G telecoms network.

The agreement, signed by the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and the Ecuadorean government just days before Donald Trump left office in January, envisages the US buying oil and infrastructure assets in Ecuador on the understanding Quito uses the proceeds to pay off its debt to China.

It also obliges Ecuador to sign up to what the Trump administration called the “Clean Network” — a state department initiative designed to ensure that nations exclude Chinese telecoms services and equipment providers as they build out their high-speed 5G mobile networks.