Peru’s finance minister tells investors: ‘This is a government of change’

Peru’s businesses on edge as new president Castillo sets leftward course
09 Aug 2021
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14 Aug 2021

Economist Pedro Francke insists ‘reducing inequality’ can coexist with ‘reasonable macroeconomic management’

Gideon Long in Lima

Pedro Francke has been called many things in recent weeks: a moderate in a radical leftwing government, a Marxist who will wreck Peru’s standout free-market economy and a turncoat for accepting the finance minister job in President Pedro Castillo’s administration after initially refusing.

Francke prefers the terms “modern leftist” or “moderate leftist”.

“I’m a leftist who believes that reducing inequality is absolutely fundamental and perfectly compatible with reasonable macroeconomic management,” he told the Financial Times. “The two things can go hand in hand.”