Poor Venezuelans protest as shortages stoke anger at Maduro

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24 May 2020
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31 May 2020

Lack of water and electricity adds to misery in slums caused by coronavirus

Gideon Long in Bogotá

For two months, Yasmin Coromoto has had no running water at home. Every other day her son climbs the steep streets of Petare, a sprawling shanty town in the eastern hills of Caracas, to a stream where he fills a plastic tank before carrying it back down to the house.

“It’s not just water that’s a problem,” Ms Coromoto said as she sat in her home in Petare where she has lived for all of her 59 years. “It’s also the lack of petrol and electricity. We’ve just had a power outage that lasted three days. Things can’t go on like this.”

As Venezuela’s seemingly endless economic crisis deepens, exacerbated by US sanctions and now coronavirus, people are desperate and angry.