Leftist poised for victory in knife-edge Peruvian vote

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30 May 2021
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Gideon Long in Lima and Colby Smith in New York

Leftwing candidate Pedro Castillo seemed poised for victory in Peru’s nail-biting presidential election on Monday and spelt out his economic proposals in a move clearly designed to calm jittery financial markets.

With 96 per cent of the vote counted, Castillo had 50.3 per cent to 49.7 per cent for Keiko Fujimori, his rival — a difference of 93,000 votes from a potential electorate of 24.3m people. Earlier on Monday Fujimori had been almost 100,000 votes ahead.

Many of the remaining tallies were due to come in from rural areas, where Castillo is strongest, and although ballots from Peruvians living abroad are likely to favour Fujimori it appears they will not be enough to tip the balance back in her direction.