Cali takes on mantle of Colombia’s ‘capital of resistance’

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24 May 2021
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Violence takes toll in country’s third-largest city as protesters call for sweeping changes

Gideon Long in Cali, Colombia

In large white letters, the names of anti-government protesters killed in recent weeks are written on a main street in the Colombian city of Cali: Nicolás G, Marcelo A, Jovita O, Yeisson A, Cristian M, Daniel A, Jeisson G.

Most were under the age of 25. The youngest, Jeisson García, was 13.

Colombia has experienced a wave of violence in the past month. What started as protests against tax reform have evolved into a more radical call for an overhaul of the country’s economic model. Protesters are seething over police brutality, inequality, corruption, lack of opportunities and a host of other issues. The hatred for Iván Duque’s conservative government is palpable.