Maduro’s biggest test comes after election day in Venezuela

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04 May 2018
Venezuela’s President Maduro wins controversial election
20 May 2018

Widely expected to be re-elected on May 20, the president faces a mounting crisis

Gideon Long, Andean Correspondent

Nobody in Venezuela seriously doubts who will win the presidential election the country holds next weekend; certainly not President Nicolás Maduro.

“The revolution is going to record the biggest victory in its entire electoral history,” Mr Maduro boasted last week on a presidential flight back to Caracas from a campaign rally. “Long live beautiful Venezuela!”

Dimitris Pantoulas, a political analyst based in Caracas, believes the president’s confidence is well-founded. “Maduro will win. Of that I have zero doubt,” he said. “What’s more, I don’t think he’ll even need to resort to outright fraud on election day to do it. The electoral process is skewed so much in his favour that he will get the votes he needs.”